German WWI bayonets                                                                                                                                  Norwegian version


Above: German gew 98 Mauser rifle with S98 bayonet, the first type of bayonet for the 1898 model Mauser. Below: German Kar98 with S95/05 bayonet.

German bayonets from WWI are a large and varied field of collecting. A lot of different types of bayonets were used. The German designation S or SG before the model year represents "seitengewehr", a word dating to the time when the bayonet used to be fixed on the right side of the barrel. For example: S98 means bayonet model 1898. This system goes for most of the ordinary types of German bayonets, but there are also so called "ersatz" bayonets, emergency production which were made by many different companies and in many variations. These do not follow the same pattern and are normally classified in Antony Carters system lacking official german designations of the period.  

Different types of German bayonets (Click the pictures to see detailed information and period pictures).







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