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Living History - World war one WWI

- Life in the trenches

- History told in a live and realistic way

The picture was taken during filming of Petter Schjervens TV programme "Helter" in the series "Tingenes Tilstand".


We are two who are very interested in History, and especially the History of WWI. Life in the trenches was terrible and scarred the participants deeply.

After years of research and collecting we have a unique material that we like to show dressed in correct gear and uniforms of the period.

We will perform for schools, organizations and others who want a different and interesting way to have history presented. We are in Oslo and mobile in the region around Oslo.

Here we will list the gear we use and a descrition of our collections. This site will increase all the time.

We offer:

- First person lectures about WWI

- First hand accounts and broader history

- A mobile exhibition including battlefield finds

- A striking visual experience with uniforms ands gear of the period.

So far most of the links below are in Norwegian. There will be more and more in

English shortly.

The gear we use:

Tysk uniform og utstyr, Britisk uniform og utstyr

Our collections:

German militaria

Bayonets, Geværer, Pistoler, Minnekort, Sverd, Hjelmer, EnkeltpersonerSlagmarksfunn, Innsamling til krigen, Tyske Medaljer, PropagandaSkyttergravsbilder, PortretterI felt, Lasaretter, mm


British Militaria

Bajonetter, Våpen, Personlige gjenstander, Støtte hjemmefraEnkeltpersoner, PostkortBritisk Propaganda, Medaljer, Slagmarksfunn, Skyttergravsbilder, mm

Weapons and equipment from other nations that took part in WWI:

The central powers:

Østerrike-Ungarn, Tyrkia,

The entente/the allied powers:

Russland, Frankrike, Belgia, Italia, USA

Neutral countries:


If you have comments, hints, praise or critisism, feel free to post them on our blog.

We are not strict about copyright, but if you wish to use some of our material to non-commercial purposes we want you to link to this site and to email us to make us aware of it. All the material here is ours except were other sources are quoted. We will not allow our material to be used by Nazi or racist organizations. These webpages do not support any political views, and to those who might wonder, Nazism did not exist at the time that this website is about.  

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