The Tommy Boys

The Tommy Boys

A hundred years after World War I we sing songs from the trenches. Serious, humourous, crass, angry, joyful and covering the entire spectrum of human emotions that have been expressed in poem and song in the extreme situation that millions of people were in.

The image above and the Pictures in the Picture slider below are by Mirjam Stenevik, they are taken during Our performance at the Norwegian Arms and Armour society the 3rd of december 2015.

We offer songs and small dialogues and actions that ilustrate the contents of the songs, and we perform in uniforms and equipment of the era.

Our basic show is approximately 20 minutes and consist of 9 songs, but every gig can be tailor made to the audience we perform for. We can tell the story of World War one based on eyewitness accounts and general history. We can, if you want, bring original items from WWI and show them during the show or as an exhibition after the show. In short, our show will be the way those who book us want it.

The songs we sing go from the very jolly to strong expressions of despair and fear. We mix the songs so they change between different moods and often in surprising ways. The audience will both laugh, be touched and be surprised by the emotional range of the songs from the trenches. In this way the already distant past will be brought to life for the listeners.

If you want to book us you can send an email to or contact us by phone +47 91653471 (Tore) or  +47 90143670 (Nigel). We are in Oslo, Norway, but are mobile and would also like to take on gigs in other european countries.

We wear the insignia of the Dorsetshire regiment.

The photo above and the video on this page are from our gig at the Pub "Dattera til Hagen" 09.05.14. Photo Gorm Ostrø. Filming Axel Fjeld.

We offer an energetic and unforgettable show that your guests will not have seen the likes of.